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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CinePaint for Windows Dev Notes

The Windows port of CinePaint was removed because it was too much work to support. These notes are for the benefit of those working on bringing it back.

One of our Windows  problems was VC++ project files change with every Microsoft compiler revision (VCPP6, 7, 8...) and are incompatible. It becomes backbreaking to keep all those project files in sync so open source developers on different versions of VC++ can work together.

Instead of proprietary project files we'll be using CMake (or Scons or cons) to create portable build files that won't become a maintenance nightmare. We're not using autotools because that's not a good choice for Windows.

1. Install tools on Windows:


2. Modify Mac OS X library download bash script (in CVS) to be a Windows batch file called cinepaint.wget.libs.bat.

3. Run batch file to download and unpack 3rd-party libs.

4. Create CMake files as needed to build libs.

5. Download CinePaint from CVS. CMake files already exist to build it.

Love you guys,



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