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Friday, September 12, 2008

New IOL plug-in

FYI. A new IOL plug-in from Stephen Geary. Available as a patch in the CinePaint SF project. Not in the CinePaint release, yet.

From: Stephen Geary
To: Robin Rowe


I emailed quite some time ago about developing IOL. I've now got some code
for anyone who wants to have a look.

Basically I've taken IOL and extended it quite a bit. Hopefully the
plug-in is faster, although direct comparisons with the original are hard, as the new version simply does things the old one could not.

There is also a small application to build an SCM (Script-Fu) wrapper for
IOL scripts, including menu entry and parameter passing.

I've attached a Gzip'd Tar file with sources and examples.

The main features that the new IOL ( IOL7 ) now supports are :

1.) Parameters - the scripts can now accept parameters e.g. from script-fu via the plug-in

2.) Better support for HSV, HSL and a poor-man's CIE-LABtransforms

3.) Improved (?) internals for hopefully faster operations

4.) Initialization, looping and multiple pass scripts.

5.) Instructions to automate and speed up linear transforms.

6.) Support for 5 precision types ( U8, U16, FLOAT, BFP and FLOAT16).

Anyhow, you can see if you can (a) get it compiled ( only tried on my own
Linux system so far ) and (b) find it useful.

Feedback welcome.


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Debian Maintainer Needed

> Perhaps you already know that cinepaint has been removed from ubuntu
> repositories. Upgrading from previous ubuntu version to current one
> kicked out cinepaint. What ever the reason for that is I guess it is
> against your interests. So I just wanted to make sure that you are
> informed. Hopefully we see cinepaint again in ubuntu 8.10 (october
> release).

Thank you for your note.

I don't know who, if anyone, is our Ubuntu maintainer. It could be the Ubuntu package is based on Debian.

Our Debian maintainer retired, which knocked us out of the latest Debian because the CinePaint package wasn't updated. We had a replacement Debian maintainer in training, but then he quit because he couldn't sustain the effort. There's no technical obstacle, just the usual maintainer effort required.

Until someone capable steps up to donate his time to be our Debian maintainer, it will continue to be a problem.



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