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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Robin Rowe Interview in LinuxFormat

I'm the April cover of LinuxFormat. Haven't read the article, yet. Hope it's good.


Paypal donations can now be accepted. New mailing list CinePaint-cvs created to track source code changes. Mac CinePaint GTK2 screenshot added to home page.

New to the Team...

H├ęctor Tranche Cerezo joined as Mac QA tester. Hwei Sheng Teoh joined to create an SCons build system.

Mac Progress...

Tom Huffman, Rob Lingelbach, and Eric Robinson succeed in building CinePaint GTK1 Mac OS X, still packaging and testing. I succeeded in building Mac CinePaint GTK2 aqua, but OS X native GTK2 still has broken buttons and screen refresh issues, not quite usable.

CinePaint not at LugRadio...

CinePaint invited to exhibit at LugRadio Live USA taking place at The Metreon in San Francisco on April 12th and 13th, but we have nobody available


Hi.I'm Japanese.
I can not speak English.
How to use Windows?
No Windows use?
Linux or MaxOS only?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28/3/08 3:38 AM  

Only for Linux and MacOS right now. The Windows build is currently broken (as far as I know.)

By Blogger Benjamin, at 12/9/08 9:34 PM  

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